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"We’re so excited to announced 61 new Run for Something candidates for the 2018 elections."

"Supporters of Arizona's public schools are holding a rally at the Capitol in Phoenix, with speakers calling on the state's elected leadership to provide adequate funding for classroom education costs."

"ASU alumni, faculty and one student running for public office in 2018 met constituents at a Democratic Party meet and greet hosted by Democratic senate candidate Deedra Abboud in Mesa Tuesday night."

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“I’ve talked to lots and lots of … traditionally Republican voters that are fed up with the lip service from the governor and from the legislature, year in and year out of them saying, ‘Trust us, we’re going to fix the problem,'” said Bisaccia, who is also a teacher at Cooley Middle School."

"Some Arizona teachers, who joined the #RedForEd walkouts, are now seeking new jobs as state lawmakers."

"The Gilbert Chamber of Commerce held its forum for state legislative candidates in Districts 12 and 17, hosting a diverse group of incumbents and political newcomers."

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