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We take it for granted in Arizona that our roads will be smooth and our water will be there when we turn on the tap because of the tremendous amount of infrastructure Arizona has developed over the past 106 years.

But according to the engineers who know best, we are a state that is fast moving toward an infrastructure crisis! The American Society of Civil Engineers did a report card on our infrastructure a few years ago and they gave us some good grades and some bad grades.

Overall, we earned a “C.” Our weaknesses are our roads, dams, drinking water, levees and wastewater treatment facilities. Our strengths are our railways, transit systems, aviation and bridges. The worst are our roads, where we earned a “D.” 

Here are the facts:

  • We have over 60,000 miles of roads serving 6.4 million people traveling 63 billion miles annually
  • 17% of our roads – over 10,000 miles – are in poor condition and need extensive repairs
  • Driving on roads in need of repair costs Arizona drivers $318 a year in vehicle repairs – a hidden tax!
  • Roadway conditions are a “significant factor” in 1/3 of traffic fatalities. Between 2009 and 2013 4,068 people died in vehicle accidents – which means that over 1,300 people were killed because of poor road conditions during that period. Our fatality rate of 1.40/100 million vehicle miles is higher than the national average (1.09/100 million vehicle miles driven)
  • In addition, vehicle crashes cost Arizonans $4 billion annually due to “medical costs, lost productivity, travel delays, workplace costs, insurance costs and legal costs”

The legislature has taken money from our highway fund and put it into other things for years, leaving our roads a mess and us holding the bag – in the form of wear and tear on our cars that

costs us hundreds and thousands of dollars a year in hidden taxes.

As your legislator, I will work to get our roads repaired and our highway finances straightened out.

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