I am pleased to announce that my candidacy for the Arizona House of Representatives has been endorsed by the Maricopa Area Labor Federation of the Arizona AFL-CIO. 

Unions have played an important part in the history of America’s economic success and in creating a

large, stable and successful middle class, and as the son of a lifelong member of the Ironworkers

Union, this endorsement means a great deal to me personally.

Why am I pleased to receive the support of unions in a strong right to work state like Arizona? Unions aren’t just about wages, although collectively bargaining for fair wages is an

important role for unions and for insuring America has a vibrant middle class. Unions also provide training and skills acquisition through apprenticeship programs where new workers learn in class rooms about their work and on the job under the teaching eyes of skilled craftsmen.

Many unions, and especially the trade unions, provide health care and retirement benefits to their

members, freeing small employers from having to foot the bill for health care and retirement benefits for their employees. For medium sized businesses especially, hiring union personnel and paying perhaps a little extra brings a lot of benefits that non-union labor does not offer.

But unions provide more than just financial benefits to both employees and employers. Unions provide members with community, a group of friends and an extended family with whom to share the good times and to be there when a family experiences hard times or difficult times. 

I know from my own experience of growing up in a Union household just how helpful to the family such community is. For union workers in Arizona, where everyone comes from

somewhere else, unions offer an immediate place to hang your hat and find friends and get involved in the community supporting worthy causes and helping to build our communities.