Where I Stand

Public Education

I stand with public schools in Gilbert and Queen Creek, with giving teachers well deserved raises, and against voucher expansion. As stated in the Arizona Constitution, public universities and community colleges should be as free as possible. Our representatives have eviscerated our public education system. It's time to fix this once and for all.


The best way to fund our schools is to grow high paying jobs. Yet, Arizona is losing more tech jobs than it creates. I will work for laws that promote growth of the tech sector and other high paying industries.

Women in Arizona

Planned Parenthood advocates of Arizona

I support access to sexual education,  contraception and abortion. I believe health decisions should be made between a patient and their doctor, not by lawmakers. I support Equal Pay for Equal Work and the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) which would finally recognize women as equal under the Constitution.



When more people have access to quality, affordable healthcare, our costs go down while productivity goes up. Healthcare is a human right. I will fight for Medicaid for all and protect funding for KidsCare.

Gun Safety

We can balance the freedoms afforded to gun owners with our most basic human right of life. This starts by mandating universal background checks, ensuring guns do not get into the wrong hands, and having the counselors our schools need to intervene before kids come to school with a gun.

Local Control

Our towns and cities aren’t allowed

to control how growth evolves in their communities, in how businesses expand to create jobs, and how we position our towns to compete against other communities through unique amenities and lifestyles. I will fight to restore power to Arizonans. 



Arizona was once known for its “five C’s” – Cotton, Cattle, Copper, Citrus and Climate. Today, we can add [micro]Chips and Construction to those C's. Our economy is changing, and our policies must change to accommodate growth. Arizona is losing more tech jobs than we are creating, let's rebuild the Silicon Desert and bring high paying jobs to the Southeast Valley.


As the 6th largest state in America and the 5th fastest growing, our infrastructure is simply not adequate.  We must expand our infrastructure to support our population growth, and increase investment in our existing infrastructure to meet the needs of our current residents.

Voter Choice

Our basic rights of choosing our representatives and writing our own laws are at risk in Arizona. Each year, the Legislature moves to make it harder for you and other citizens to put initiatives on the ballot, to vote, and to select who leads you. I will fight to ensure power is restored to the people.

Civil Rights

Every American should be treated equally under the law regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender, religion, class, or legal status. I support the Equal Rights Amendment and recognizing the LGBT community as a protected group in the state of Arizona.

Tax Reform

Our strong economy is dependent on a strong tax base to support our public education system, infrastructure, and services. Arizona gives away more in corporate tax loopholes than it takes in in revenue. We can adequately fund all of our needs simply by requiring businesses to pay their fair share.


Arizona is home to some of the most diverse and rich ecosystems on the planet. It's our moral obligation to protect our precious environment for future generations. Climate Change is real. And I will actively seek solutions to address it.

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